·  extremely soft and extremely creamy · melts on the lips · surprising formula: looks matte but once applied it turns out glossy and brilliant · extremely gliding · excellent colour pay-off · medium coverage


  •  shiny · high gloss finish

    • waterproof · longlasting (4 hours and more) · no feathering · moisturizing · light wearing

    • product in conformity with US, European and Japanese regulations

·  wax-based · free of mineral oil ·         free    of        paraffin · free of volatile cyclomethicones (D4, D5, D6) · free of parabens (GLOSS) · free of preservatives (GLOSS1) · free of animal derived ingredients · contains volatiles

    • dermatologically tested & approved

    • a wide range of colours from transparent, slightly to highly pigmented on request · transparent colour possible


  • technical       and     formula         specifications           on       request · due to the soft nature of the formula do not over-advance the lead